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Islander Kaiwaka ** NZ's BIGGEST Spa Deal! #1 **

Islander Kaiwaka ** NZ's BIGGEST Spa Deal! #1 **

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The Kaiwaka is part of our luxury range, combines looks, high performance, comfort and ease of use.

In addition to the features offered on the Kawau spa, The Kaiwaka boasts an additional pump for added power, 50 jets.
Our powerful Ozone Water care system is included for hassle free water care - it simply works in the background, effectively keeping your water clean and fresh for longer and requiring far less chemicals.

Islander Spas are made by Watkins USA - The same people who make Hot Spring Spas, a company that has a 40-year history in New Zealand and is the largest manufacturer of spas in the world!

Kaiwaka Specs & Dimensions
  • Dimensions
    2.14m x 2.14m x 0.92m
  • Seats
    5 + 1 Lounger
  • Jet Count
  • Jet Pump
    2 x 2.5HP
  • Water Capacity
  • Dry Weight / Filled Weight
  • Cabinet & Shell
    Wood Free Cabinet + Acrylic Shell
  • Heater/Electrical
    3kW/20 amp
  • Filter
    Intelligent filtration with customised programming for optimised filtration cycles
  • Insulation
    FiberCor™ Full foam insulation for maximum efficiency and long-term heat retention
  • Ozone Water Care
    Helps to keep water crystal clear while reducing the amount of chlorine needed. 
  • Waterfall
    Adjustable, cascading
  • Lighting
    LED (10 x interior + 4 x exterior +Backlit pillows)
  • Touch Screen Controller

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