With a Hot Spot Collection spa, you can be confident your investment will help you maximize every day, for years to come.


213 cm x 213 cm x 92 cm

The Rhythm is everyone’s favorite place to gather. The largest in the Hot Spot®Collection, it includes four captain’s chairs, a cooldown seat, and a large footwell.

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213 cm x 213 cm x 92 cm

You’ll find your perfect seat in the versatile Relay. There’s plenty of room for a group, or stretch out for a solo soak and enjoy a soothing massage from neck to toe.

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208 cm x 208 cm x 84 cm

This double-lounger has roomy seating in a smaller size to fit tighter spaces. The SmartJet®system personalizes your experience with jets that massage you head to toe.

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1.83 X 1.83 X 0.84

The compact three-seat SX fits smaller spaces while giving you room to stretch out. The Moto-Massage®jet plus adjustable Precision®jets deliver a unique massage.

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213 cm x 165 cm x 74 cm

The three-seat Stride offers a lower step-over height for easy access. A comfortable lounge and adjustable jets leave you recharged and ready for the next challenge.

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183 cm x 196 cm x 84 cm

With its unique shape, the two-seat TX fits in spaces other hot tubs don’t. Our Moto-Massage®jet and adjustable Precision®jets recharge and invigorate you.

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