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Drain Shut Off Valve

Drain Shut Off Valve

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Drain valve for Hot Spring Spas. Easy garden hose attachment for quick and easy use.

30592 Drain Valve is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1995-Current
Hot Spring Vista 2004-2013
Hot Spring Envoy 2004-Current
Hot Spring Vanguard 2001-Current
Hot Spring Grandee NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Envoy NXT   2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter NXT   2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter  1995-Current 
 Hot Spring Prodigy  1995-Current  
 Hot Spring  Sovereign 1995-Current  
 Hot Spring Accolade 2005-2006 
 Hot Spring  Aria  2007-Current
 Hot Spring Highlife ILE  2003-2003 
 Tiger River Bengal  1997-2010 
 Tiger River  Siberian 1997-2004  
 Tiger River  Caspian 2003-2010 
 Tiger River  Sumatran 1994-2010 
 Tiger River Tondi  1995-1996 
 Tiger River  Bengal Model MM 2005-2010 
 Tiger River  Khyber 1994-1996 
 Tiger River Manora  1994-1996 
 Tiger River Tondi PH 220  1996-1996  
 Tiger River  Manora MH 220 1996-1996  
 Hot Spot RLX  1998-2002 
Hot Spot  SLX 1998-2002  
 Hot Spot  Relay 2010-Current 
 Hot Spot  Rhythm 2011-Current 
 Hot Spot Tempo  2010-Current  
 Hot Spot  SX 2011-Current  
 Hot Spot TX  2011-Current   
Hot Spot  Square  1995-1997 
 Hot Spot  SLXtra 2001-2002 
 Hot Spot  Sprint 2010-2011 
Hot Spot   Dash 2010-2011  
 Solana SX  2003-2010 
 Solana TX  2000-2010 
 Solana RX  2003-2009 
 Caldera Palatino  2010-Current 
 Caldera Marino  2010-Current 
 Caldera Vanto  2011-Current 
 Caldera Tarino  2013-Current 
 Caldera  Cima 2010-2011 
 Caldera  Lina 2010-2011  
 Limelight Bolt  2012-Current 
 Limelight  Pulse 2008-Current 
 Limelight  Gleam 2013-Current 
 Limelight Flair  2008-Current 
 Limelight Glow  2008-Current 
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