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Seating Capacity - 6 Adults
Dimensions - 2.13m x 2.13m x .91m
Water Capacity - 1,270 liters
Weight - 400 kg dry / 2,140 kg filled*
The Flair™ 6 Person Spa Pool | HotSpring Spas


With features deliberately designed to help you feel your best, the Flair is the perfect space for you to unwind. Relax in the comfort of hot water with family and friends, relieve tension with the Flair’s 41 targeted jets and enjoy the ambiance of the built-in Raio™ lighting system.


How much will this cost me to run per month?

The energy smart spa

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The Beam Jet System offers an incredible 19 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves.
Directional Precision Jets | HotSpring Spas

Directional Precision Jet

These jets soothe your back, neck and calves with adjustable nozzles for a customisable massage right where you need it.


Rotary Precision Jet

Rotary Precision Jets | HotSpring Spas

Feel all tensions melt away with a therapeutic massage from these jets.


Standard Single Rotary Jet | HotSpring Spas

Standard Single Rotary Jet

Enjoy a unique massage experience with these jets that create a singular, strong, rotary water flow.


XL Single Rotary Jet

XL Single Rotary Jet | HotSpring Spas 

Relief any tensions on your lower back with these jets as they provide greater flow through one rotary opening creating a unique massage pattern.


XL Dual Rotary Jet

XL Dual Rotary Jet | HotSpring Spas

Feel a pulsating massage pattern as these jets provide a greater flow through two balanced rotary openings targeting your lower back muscles.


Standard Directional Jet | HotSpring Spas

Standard Directional Jet

These jets provides a strong flow of water to soothe and massage your lower back muscles.


XL Directional Jet | HotSpring Spas

XL Directional Jet

Directional nozzle delivers maximum hydrotherapy performance to your lower back.



FreshWater® Salt System | HotSpring Spas

FreshWater® Salt System

Enjoy the best spa water possible with your Hot Spring spa with the revolutionary FreshWater Salt System. Engineered to provide the cleanest and most luxurious spa water with minimal maintenance - just a simple twist and replace every three times a year.


Entertainment Systems | HotSpring Spas

Entertainment Systems

Hot Spring® Spas offers a variety of wireless entertainment options, so you can enjoy your favourite music and TV shows in the comfort of your Limelight spa.


Side Enhancements | HotSpring Spas

Side Enhancements

Hot Spring® Spas offers a variety of spa side enhancements that not only seamlessly look good but add to your overall spa pool experience.


Hot Spring Spa Steps | HotSpring Spas

Hot Spring Spa Steps

Making it simple to climb in and out your spa pool, Hot Spring® spa pools side stairs are created to match your Limelight spa pool cabinet and is removable as a safety option. Built solid for New Zealand's extreme climates.


Spa Pool Cover Lifters | HotSpring Spas

Spa Pool Cover Lifters

Built to the same high standards as your Hot Spring spa pool, a Hot Spring cover lifter will make it easier and more convenient to open and close your spa cover without much heavy lifting. Having a cover lifter would also extend the life of your spa cover as less handling means less wear and tear. Having easy access to your spa pool would entice you to use your spa more frequently.




Energy Saving | HotSpring Spas 

Energy Saving

One of the very few spa companies that complies with the strictest energy commission in the world 


Warranty & Safety | HotSpring Spas

Warranty & Safety

Unconditional warranties and stringent safety certifications ensure peace of mind, guaranteed


Made in the USA | HotSpring Spas

Made in the USA

Our products meet the highest standards for safety, durability and quality


Luxurious Spa Water | HotSpring Spas

Luxurious Spa Water

Best water possible, less effort with no-bypass filtration system and easy salt water care


Free Delivery and Spa Installation | HotSpring Spas

Free Delivery & Install

Our experienced Hot Spring professionals will manage your installation process from start to finish


"We took our time picking out our new spa pool. We test soaked in several different brands and styles and we kept coming back to the same one we got the salt water system and we are glad we did . Hands down the best hot tub we have had." - Dan Hubbard